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A dedicated peer community and support system for DEI practitioners and culture change champions.

Pathways to Allyship

About Us

Pathways to Allyship is a peer community and support system for DEI practitioners and culture change champions who are committed to building thriving and more just workplaces.

We created Pathways to Allyship to bring you together with equally passionate people who are working to promote diversity and build more inclusive communities.

A few things that make Pathways to Allyship different:

  • We're all on one team. There's a need to build more equitable communities and undo the limitations of past structures. In some way, whether at our small nonprofit, in our volunteer work, at our company, or as a consultant, all of us are working toward this goal.

  • We're here to support each other. The world right now is volatile, complex, open for change, and in need of a lot of help. Whether you've been doing this work for years or you are new to the field, we're all facing new challenges that we can handle better with the support of other like-minded folks. 

  • This is our place for connection. No matter where you are, this is a place to connect with your team of professionals. We welcome you to share best practices, questions about current challenges, opportunities for networking, and research about what works.  

Why You Should Join Us

Our Pathways to Allyship community offers:

  • An open and supportive place to share ideas. 

  • A unique chance to meet others dedicated to culture change.

  • Monthly opportunities for interactive workshops. 

  • A chance to share work opportunities and initiate new projects.

Pathways to Allyship is open to anyone who is a culture change professional. This includes those in the fields of nonprofit work, communications, mental health, and DEI.

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